Mar 13, 2013
Habemus Papam!!!

The anticipation was irresistibly painful... it has been three days since Pope Benedict resigned - we watched the whole excruciating truth about him leaving the conclave, it was bitter because he had served the Church like no other. A very humble man of God and he will surely be missed. Nanay and I were on our way to school, about 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon... finally we heard the announcer at 91.7 (Lamb of God radio) declared that there was a "white smoke". My hands started shaking, I was in tears... I just couldn't believe it. My heart was overflowing with so much joy and thanksgiving!!! It was surreal! HABEMUS PAPAM!!! We have a new Pope!!! I sent a text message to everybody I know announcing the good news. We got to Assumption School and I was telling everybody about our new elected Holy Father. Nobody knew who he was yet... the people couldn't wait to hear who he was, where is he from, how does he look like, and so on and so fort. We were waiting at Mrs. Crum's classroom, the tv was on and you can feel the intensity of emotions in the room. It was amazing!!! It was about 2:30 and sadly, I had to bring Kammy to Mrs. Baker's house for her piano lesson, she was devastated and didn't want to go... what was I thinking? Of course, I brought her to Mrs. Baker's house. Kammy was very sad because she wasn't going to see the face of the new Holy Father. I told her that it'll be all over the news on the internet. That settled her (a little bit). We went back to school and watched the waiting... we were at Ms. Kohli's room at this time. Finally around 3:00PM, they announced "Jorge Mario Bergoglio" from Argentina - POPE FRANCIS. It was amazing!!! THANK YOU LORD!!! My girls had witnessed the unforgettable moment of our Church, a remarkable history of our time. We are so blessed to be Catholic! You know what happened when I picked Kammy up from her piano lesson... Mrs. Baker (who wasn't even Catholic) let Kammy watched the whole thing about Pope Francis, incredible!!! :-)

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Aug 4, 2011

Before I start... I just wanna dedicate this day to my wonderful sister - LANLAN.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Just want you to know that you're one of my many blessings from GOD.  I thank HIM everyday!  I love you and I miss you so much!!! 

You're probably wondering what WGF stands for... I'll give you a clue - they're one of the top magazines in the country for someone well, like me - a woman.  WOMAN'S DAY, GOODHOUSEKEEPING, and FAMILY FUN.  They're one of my favorites.  Me and my daughters (Kammy, Bling, and Yvie) have been hangin' out a lot at the library (Madison OH Library) and 90% of the time... I'd pay attention to these magazines.  I'd borrow like 5-7 of them, take them home and read them after my girls go to bed.  At night while my husband enjoying his alone time with his favorite video games, I'd sit on the couch, feet up with my blue notebook and pen.  Sometimes it'll take me 2-3 days (yeah I'm a slow reader, not like my husband - he reads like he's drinking water) to finish one magazine.  What I would do is savor every word from every page and from every article.  It'll always take me by surprise to see catchy lines from an ordinary mom and would have an extraordinary impact in my life - TRULY A BLESSING!  It's fascinating and very inspiring indeed.  I look at every page... of course I skip the commercial, I meant the ads but the facts that they offer are mostly significant, easy to apply from day to day basis... if I pay attention.  I have written some information down on my blue notebook that I think will be very helpful in the future.  Like last night... I came across this important tip about toilet plunger... you can use a flowerpot and its saucer in the bathroom.  It's an easy way to collect drips.  Ha!  Simple things like that... who knew!  I can go on and on but if I were you I'd start reading them... you're probably way ahead of me, if not... you can start today :-)

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Oct 8, 2009
2007's turn of events

This year was pretty spectacular, lots of new things to be thank for and bunch of memories to be ponder about.  First, I wanna give thanks to the Almighty for everyday, not just the things I’m about to write but for constant blessings He bestowed upon us.

June 25, 2007 - Mike got a new job, it’s a kind of job where he could go home after 4 o’clock and hang out with us, his family with no impediment nor any distractions.  Having no celphones provided by the company, for him… is a priviledge. 

July 25, 2007 - We moved from Steubenville to Geneva, Ohio.  This is the town where my husband grew up.  It was a bit of a challenge because Mike was away for quite some time (he was staying at his sister’s house in Cleveland, OH) and I was 7 months pregnant.  Fortunately my mom was around to help me packed everything and organized every little detail about the move.  Emotions were held tight until the very last day, it was when the house was totally empty… just walls.  It was when I saw the smiley face that Kammy drew when she was three, it was in the closet in her room… it hit me hard!  All the memories came rushing in, flashbacks, and everything, I couldn’t stand it even for 5 minutes… I went out crying and told my mom "Let’s get out of here!" 

August 25, 2007 - Yvana Mediatrix Entera Stark was born, it was an amazing day for all of us.  God is good!  She was born 21 inches long and 7 lbs. and 1 ounch heavy.  She was beautiful up to this very day.  I wanna thank everybody specially my husband, my mom, Mike's family for being there for me.  May God continue to watch all of them and keep the safe. 

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God works in mysterious way

About twenty years ago, I was this little girl wandering aimlessly without a future due to poverty and isolation.  I have suffered from severe eczema from the day I was born until I was thirteen.  Though the condition was excruciating, for my part there was no resentment, did I never loose hope and had no doubts in my mind that God would make a way to ease my pain.  It was a lot harder to see how my parents cope with every challenge they had to face trying to help me and my siblings.  It was tough but prayers had helped us get through the dark tunnel of life.  One day the light we’ve been waiting for had finally showed up.  It was the day I got accepted and took a first step of a once-in-a-lifetime experience inside this prestigious institution called The Sisters of Mary. My mom was with me during the interview and it was totally unexpected and unprepared for, wearing my flip flops that I had worn for so many years and my grade school uniform that had so many patches.  We were both blinded to the fact that it was going to be the last of so many days and nights that we could spend time together.  I went inside and Sr. Teresita Prudente gave me the tour of the compound. I was ecstatic and amazed about the details around the area, it was beyond my expectations.  It was like heaven on earth.  God indeed works in mysterious ways. 

As the days, weeks, months, years went by, I learned that there was one person who made it all possible for the poorest of the poor, his name was Fr. Aloysius Schwartz.  What struck me the most, as I grew in my faith in Christ through his teachings, I found out that Fr. Al had lived a life that no one would ever imagine, living like a saint.  Realization came unto me and I wanted to live like him with so much humility and compassion for every human being.  At first I thought becoming a nun would be a perfect vocation since a lot of them had inspired me throughout the years, like Sr. Zeny and Sr. Elizabeth.  Obviously I didn’t become one, but without any doubt I knew God had a better plan.  Father Al had taught me the most important thing in this world, not the best education, nor the clothing or the shoes you wear everyday but the love you give to every person you encounter.  “Love Christ through your neighbor”, it was one of Fr. Al’s great imparting words to all of us who had the opportunity to live inside his humble abode, The Sisters of Mary School.  From all walks of life, whether you’re a nun or a priest, a doctor or even a carpenter, you are always capable of loving your neighbor as Christ loves you. 

            I don’t think I will ever find enough words to thank Fr. Al. I will be forever grateful, not to mention the best education he provided, not only to me but also to the rest of the kids all over the world…most of all he put forth the love of Christ through his examples and sacrifices for us his children.  I’m a stay-at-home mom and have been married for almost nine years now with a wonderful husband and with three beautiful kids, I can honestly say that raising them, has been very rewarding.  I have told my seven year old daughter about Father Al, and I am very certain that he just doesn’t watch over me but I think he watches over my kids, too.  I will continue to be his witness with the best of my ability and I pray that someday I will see him again in Heaven. 

…. to be continued

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Spring of 2008

The Geneva Soccer League started this May for spring season.  Mike and I thought that it would be nice for our girls to join, since their energy seemed to be boundless.  In my mind, this sport will definitely wear them out... I thought.   First game, it was May 10 and I was assigned to bring the snacks for Kammy's team (The Green Extreme)... the whole gang was there to watch, well me, then Mike, Nanay, Bling, and Yvie.  At first it was a bit nerve racking for Kammy to run back and forth at the field then watch the ball at the same time� I would be. Aside from the coach... we were trying to help her where and when to kick the ball.  The crowd didn't bother her, not a bit.  It was a great feeling every time their team scores, we try to tell both our girls that the score is not important.  We want them to learn (Bling was an amateur and for Kammy it has been four years since the last time she played) that score doesn't really matter in a sport, what matter most is how you play it and give every best shot you got.  Kammy's team won during the first game, it was a team work.  We told her that she did an amazing job being a goalie, what she needed to focus on now is not to get scared of the ball.  She had this tendency of not moving when the ball got closer... that was the first but then as the game kept going, she was doing a lot better. It was amazing to see how she progress every game.  Their team didn't loose at all during the season, they were undefeated. We were all proud of them... Kammy, Anthony, Allie, Kevin, Kurbin, Carson, Dylan, Alex, and Austin.  Of course for Coach Amber who made it all possible for these little ones, she did such a wonderful job.  The Green Extreme Team had the trophy, each and every one of them during the ceremony.  You should have seen the smile on their faces, it was priceless!  Mike and I are very proud! Bling's team won too during the first game, she didn't participate much because she got scared of the crowd... I couldn't blame her. It was overwhelming for a 4-yr old to be in a field like that.  We told her that it was ok to be scared.  Second game came and oh my, it was amazing... well, she loved the days when she was in a practice with her teammates, this was actually her own words "Mommy, I don't like the games, I only like to practice".  Mike and I tried to tell her that the reason why she had to practice, it was all for the game. About the second game, she was up and running. There were only four of them who were present that day and the other team had eight. That didn't stop them and defeated the odds and won. Bling did an awesome job kicking the ball and defending it, it was unbelievable! They were exhausted but didn't matter because they were all happy that they had won the game. All the plays were consistent, they won all of them. Last one was yesterday, it was tensed you can see the son's coach struggling, Jowen (he plays like a pro and he's only 4). The score was a tie during the 3rd quarter, it was 2 to 2 then the other team scored, Mike and I were like, "Oh men!". We were speechless and I couldn't sit still and blam! Jowen kicked it to the goal and score! The whole team did their part, everyone of them it was interesting how you learn from these small characters, it was a humbling experience. Coach Scott did an amazing job teaching these kids how to keep their feet on the ground and be at their best in every game. The Little Galaxy Team had their trophy, just like Kammy's team every single one of them had to share the victory. It was one of our proudest moments to see both of them succeed in this little journey assigned to them. It wasn't the trophies but how they dealt with failures along the way, learned from it and moved on.

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Gosh Beng Beng!

I noticed, I used this line "gosh beng beng" for number of times.  Time to change and time to move on.  For those who wonder where it came from, it was from this show I used to watch in the Philippines, it's called "Bubble Gang".  It's kinda like SNL show and Ogie Alcasid, who happened to be one of the actors, used this line and the way and how he said every word... too funny!  It would cracked me up and I'd end up rolling on the floor because it would hurt not to roll-over.  I want to thank him (like he'll know about the appreciation, maybe someday if I'll bump into him somewhere down the road, I'll let him know) for letting me use the famous line.  He's the original and I'm the impostor. 

"Thank you, Ogie!", Gosh Beng Beng!

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Oct 7, 2009
It's been 4 years!

Wow, how surprising and a bit exciting!  I can't believe I haven't been visiting my blog for 4 years now and I don't even know where to start!  Let me see... hmmmm, well last time I was here, that was when Bling was a baby... and is now 5 years old, wow!  Mind blowing!  And I have Yvie as my youngest, Bling's no longer the baby of the family, she's a big sister and a kindergartener.  Yvie's the baby who is 2 years old, then Bling - my middle one, and Kammy, my oldest who is 8.  I'm still happily married with my one and only (my husband - Mike), we've had our ups and downs but we managed to survived and we can't complain, for we have been blessed, not to mention blessed with three beautiful girls from God but just with everything.   We moved to Geneva, OH couple years ago... so far so good!  We love it here specially at summer time, the beach is just around the corner and we go there whenever we get the chance.  My girls are like fishes, they can't get enough water.  We love the vineyards, the country smell, the river... and the family, big family from my husband's side.  If I probably do a research, we'll be related to every person that lives in this town :-)  that's how big my husband's family is.  I think that's about all the things I want to say for now... the little details will be later.  There's so much to talk about and I can't wait to put it all in writing.  God is so wonderful and I can't thank Him enough for everything! 

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May 31, 2005
Memorial Day Weekend!

The anticipation were both killing us... we have been trying to set a date with the Libettis (John and Carrie) for a long, long, long, long, long..... TIME!  And finally it's been set!  Yahoooo!  Saturday (May 28, 2005) morning at 11:30.  We treat these friends of ours like a family, they've been a blessing from day one and we couldn't wait to spend some time with them alone... no kids but us.  Mike and I are both godparents of their two girls (Sophie and Cecelia) and for us it's been an honor to be part of their lives.  Anyways... it's the memorial weekend and Marcy (Kammy's godmother) volunteered to watch  our daughters, so we could go out with the Libettis.  Marcy's another gift from heaven, she is like our fairygodmother... she's an awesome lady! 

Saturday came and the first thing on our agenda was to have our lunch at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Pittsburgh, gosh beng beng!  I couldn't even remember how excellent the food was... IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!  Mike and I were both glad that John and Carrie loved the food, they haven't had vietnamese food before and they said they might wanna come back for more later in the future :-)  But folks... the best Vietnamese place we found was in the Philippines, bottom floor of SM Megamall. 
After we ate, we headed to the theatre and watched the movie STARWARS.  It was an awesome movie but for the guys... it was ok, well they were both diehard fans of the movie, I'm not :-)  but I like it though.  Then we tried to find some place where we can sitdown for dinner... men!  Everyplace was packed, so we decided to just go home since we were all stuffed from lunch.  We came home for about 7:30 in the evening, it was so much fun and everybody had a great time.  But for me the day wasn't over yet, I headed to my friend's house where they were having a bday party for one of my friend's mom.  Of course, typical filipino party... there was always massive amount of food, gosh beng beng, I felt like I gained 10 lbs. just for one day, AH!  The party was over at 10:30 but I got home about past 11 o'clock.  I brought some food home and our fridge was packed
again :-) 

Sunday morning, we headed to church for 9am mass then drove to Geneva for our niece's bday party.  We hanged out until 7:30 at night and got home about 9:30pm.... gosh beng beng, my husband and I were both exhausted, so we went right to bed.... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Then Monday morning (Memorial Day), we kinda just relax in the morning then at 2:30 in the afternoon, I had to drove my daughter Kamilah to her friend's bday party... yup, another birthday party!  I helped out a bit at my friend's house (Kammy's friend's mom) then drove home to picked my Bling Bling.  We decided to come home about 7pm and gosh beng beng... I was about to passed out, I hate to admit it but I was extremely tired.  It was a fun weekend though... both our girls had a wonderful time. 


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May 4, 2005
Life is Good!

Gosh beng beng, it's such a pretty day! The sun's up and it's not too hot nor cold... to sum it up, it's perfect! I tried the other route going to Kammy's school today where you can see the beauty of nature. I really enjoyed it with hills on the open field, flowers, and trees... I felt like I was somewhere in the movie "Sound of Music" (... the hills are alive with the sound of music, la la la la la la la). It was so uplifting. I am happy too because the downside of the cold is over, my two girls are not sick anymore (knock on wood)... my husband's doing pretty well at work and at home (he's a wonderful husband and a great father) and me... yeah! I am having the time of my life! It's spring time! God is good! Don't get me wrong though, I love the snow and I think it's one of the most amazing things that God has created, it's beautiful. But this year we had a rough winter, we all got sick... just on and off, on and off. But you know... there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, we have to enjoy the weather we have today. Summer will be awesome too! Can't wait!

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Apr 1, 2005
For the Holy Father

Please say a prayer for the Holy Father, right this moment .... thank you. 

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